Trending Hair Colors: Expert Insights From Leading Colorists

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Leading colorists predict a rise in warm, wearable shades, with a focus on subtle buttercream babylights for brunettes. But that’s not all. Gloss treatments for black hair are also expected to make waves.

So, how can you ensure your chosen color suits your unique characteristics and lifestyle? That’s where professional consultations come in.

Want to know more about these emerging trends and how to personalize them? Let’s dive in.

Insights From Leading Colorists

The world of hair color is constantly evolving, with new trends and techniques emerging each season. To stay at the forefront of these developments, it’s crucial to turn to the experts who shape the industry. Leading colorists like Dafne Evangelista and Venner James offer invaluable insights that can help both stylists and clients make informed decisions about hair color trends and maintenance. Let’s delve deeper into their expert opinions and predictions.

Dafne Evangelista, a renowned celebrity stylist, has her finger on the pulse of color trends. Her prediction for this year is clear: warm, wearable shades are set to dominate the hair color landscape. This trend towards warmer tones represents a shift from the cooler, ashier shades that have been popular in recent years.

One particular trend Evangelista has noticed is the rise of subtle buttercream babylights, especially for brunettes. Babylights are ultra-fine, delicate highlights that mimic the natural, sun-kissed look of children’s hair. The buttercream shade adds a warm, soft dimension to brunette hair without drastically changing its overall appearance. This technique is perfect for those who want to add depth and movement to their hair color while maintaining a natural look.

While Evangelista focuses on lighter, warmer tones, Venner James brings attention to the other end of the color spectrum. James emphasizes the importance of maintaining the shine and vibrancy of darker shades, particularly black hair.

Dark hair, especially black, can be prone to looking dull or flat if not properly cared for. James recommends gloss treatments as a key solution for maintaining the luster of black hair. Gloss treatments are semi-permanent color services that coat the hair shaft, adding shine and sometimes depositing a subtle tint.

For black hair, a clear gloss can work wonders in enhancing natural shine without altering the color. These treatments fill in the hair’s cuticle, creating a smooth surface that reflects light more effectively. The result is hair that looks healthier, more vibrant, and full of dimension.

Hair Color Trend Predictions From the Experts

So, what do top experts like Tiffanie Richards, Chaz Dean, Meri Kate O’Connor, and Sachi Kumagai predict for this year’s hair color trends?

You’ll be seeing more of caramel highlights but with a softer, lived-in effect. This is all about subtlety and refinement.

Expect a comeback of baby balayage, giving you a toned-down, natural look.

Porcini brown, inspired by earthy tones, is pegged as a universal color, flattering all skin tones.

For those who like to make a statement, midnight black and red velvet crimson are the bold options.

But don’t just follow the trend; it’s about what suits you best. Consult with a Sydney hair colourist for personalized recommendations.

Celebrity Hair Color Transformations

Let’s take a look at some celebrity hair color transformations for added inspiration.

Billie Eilish

Known for her signature neon green roots, she shocked the world by going platinum blonde. This drastic change shows you’re never boxed into one look.

Kendall Jenner

Sydney hair colourist

She recently debuted a fiery red color, proving that even natural brunettes can rock a bold shade.

Ariana Grande

The pop star ditched her iconic ponytail and went from brunette to a stunning silver-grey. It’s a perfect example of how you can experiment with unconventional colors, yet still look chic.


From buttercream babylights for brunettes to gloss treatments for black hair, there’s a trend to suit everyone’s style. But remember that it’s all about personalization.

So, don’t shy away from consulting a professional colorist to find the perfect shade for your features, skin tone, and lifestyle.

After all, you deserve a hair color that’s as unique and stylish as you are.