Leiebil Gran Canaria: What You Should Know

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If you plan to travel to Gran Canaria, Spain for a fun vacation, one of the things you want to do is looking for a reputable car rental company in the city.

By renting a vehicle for your trip, you can explore the exquisiteness of the Canary Islands and other exciting places to the fullest.

Gran Canaria is famous for its beaches, like Las Canarias, San Agustin, and Maspalomas. Many tourists and travelers love spending their holidays swimming and sunbathing at the beaches, while others participate in fun activities like kite surfing, Scuba diving, and windsurfing.

Hiring a vehicle for your stay in the city saves you from costly taxi trips and frustrating public transport. It saves time and is very convenient. Keep on reading to understand vehicle rental in Gran Canaria.

Why Rent a Car in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has beautiful beaches that all must see, but public transport offers limited help to reach isolated and untouched areas like an infamous archeological place or a secluded beach. Driving by car to these areas is the quickest and most comfortable way to get to these places.

In Gran Canaria, there are no trains, and the locals mostly use scooters, electric vehicles, bicycles, and buses. So the only way to travel around the city is by leiebilguiden.no/spania/gran-canaria. Also, vehicle renting lets you plan a long trip, exploring beautiful and remarkable areas like Telde and Arucas.

These are places famous for their countless archeological sites where to sip honey rum. Vehicle renting in Gran Canaria allows you to discover the whole island and historical buildings at your convenience and pace.

Car Rental Guidelines in Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria is one of the favorite destinations in Spain for travelers and tourists, and many people need vehicle s during their stay. It’s delightful to discover and experience the city with a rental car.

You and your family experience more with a rental vehicle without depending on alternative transportation. Before renting a vehicle, familiarize yourself with the following:

1. Peak Season and Low Season

In Gran Canaria, the popular tourist season is similar to everywhere in Europe, which is the summertime. July & August bring in many crowds, and high prices during these months show that.

If you want to visit when there are fewer crowds and warm temperatures, you should visit during May/June or September/October. In the Canary Islands, November – March is considered low season because the weather stays nice during these months.

This season is also when renting a vehicle is less expensive. The vehicles are a part of the cost as they are during summertime, making it a great place to visit when it’s cold in other regions.

2. Rent Your Car Early

One of the best ways to secure amazing deals is by reserving your rental vehicle early. Gran Canaria always has an entire season, and the demand for rental cars is high.

If you’re waiting to book a rental car until you’ve landed, it attracts higher prices, and there are few vehicles to choose from.

To save money, make sure to search for week-long deals/discounts. Also, you may want to choose a compact car if you’re on a manual instead of an automatic car and on a budget.

Additionally, the following should be available when you pick up your rental car – a driver’s license, passport, credit, or Visa card, and booking confirmation.

3. Check Confirmation Email

After booking your rental car, it’s vital you print out the confirmation email and go carefully through it. Ensure all the information is correct, as it’s easier to change the order early than to wait until you arrive in Gran Canaria.

4. Watch the Parking onthe Beaches

The beautiful and eye-catching sandy beaches are one of the main attractions of the city. Watch out for where to park your vehicle. Most of the lots are paved, and they’re a short walk to the various beaches.

However, most lots are made of sand, so be careful your car doesn’t get stuck in the sand. Be careful where you park; you can even park your car further away on concrete or solid surfaces.

5. Pick-Up Location

The most accessible place to pick up your rental car is at the airport once you land at the Gran Canaria airport. This eliminates the need for alternative transportation to your hotel and other places. Taking a shuttle bus or a taxi can be expensive, depending on the area of the island you’re staying.

Rules to Adhere to When Driving in Gran Canaria

Driving in Gran Canary is easy; you can’t get lost because the roads have signboards everywhere.

However, you should adhere to basic driving rules to avoid trouble with the locals or authorities.

First, you should be 21 years old and above to drive a car in the city. Individuals below 25 years of age and older will be charged an extra fee.

These fees differ for car hiring companies, so check them before renting a car. Ensure to wear seat belts, regardless of where you’re sitting in the car.

Also, don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as the Gran Canaria traffic police carry out breath analyzer tests.

Ensure you carry your valid driving license from your country and adhere to all the speed limits depending on the roads you travel.

The local emergency number in Gran Canaria is 112 and note that you’ll be driving on the right side. Car rent prices differ, and it depends on the vehicle’s type, traveling season, and fuel policy.

Ensure to purchase or carry your own child seat, GPS, WI-FI, etc., as they can be expensive when looking to buy in the Canaria area. Click here to learn more about how to buy the right child seat for your kid.

Having a rental car in Gran Canaria is the best way to explore the beautiful island. From the picturesque mountains to stunning beaches and natural pools, there’s a lot to see. Following these guidelines and rules in Gran Canaria will make your trip convenient and comfortable.