What to pay attention to when equipping a mushroom farm? Key insights

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mushroom farm equipment

Even the most motivated and hard-working employees need help to perform well, whether on a mushroom farm or elsewhere. Providing them with the appropriate tools is one of the keys to a business’ overall success. But what features should be a priority when comparing all of the equipment available on the market? We’ll explain everything you need to know below!

Mushroom picking trolley

Modern mushroom farm equipment is simply necessary to effectively run such a business. Choosing the right tools and devices allows the farm to gain an edge over its competitors, but what are the marks of a good mushroom picking trolley? The first thing that comes to mind is its ability to ensure picking efficiency.

High-quality models do this by allowing for automatic movement of the platform (vertical and horizontal) and ensuring easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving (which is crucial for shorter pickers). Optimal battery capacity is also important. And speaking of batteries, one of the most interesting features of technologically advanced trolleys is recovering energy by charging the battery by braking the drives.

Mushroom knives

Mushroom knives might be small and quite simple as far as their build is concerned, but don’t be fooled — their quality matters. Cheap knives are more likely to break since their handles aren’t as durable as better quality ones. At the same time, they are only slightly more expensive than high-quality models).

Good knives are also more ergonomic and don’t get dull easily. Therefore, it’s simply more cost-effective to invest a higher amount in the beginning. This way, the farm will save more in the long term, since the knives won’t need to be replaced quite as often.

Mushroom scales

How can a perfect mushroom scale be described? Above all, it should be precise, easy to operate and durable. In practical terms, this could mean a keyboard that is resistant to mechanical damage or a large LED display.

A high protection rating against dust and water (IP68, for example) is also important, as well as an overall design that is well suited to the harsh environment present in every mushroom growing farm. A build that allows for easy cleaning is a nice bonus.

Mushroom farm equipment is a vast and complex topic, but choosing the right models doesn’t have to be a guessing game. You can make a good selection by paying attention to the most important features described above. High-quality, modern equipment can be purchased from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME.


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